Open play shooting

Different techniques suit different situations in open play, but any technique developed to the top level is a weapon that enables the player to recognise and take scoring opportunities. 

Although excellence in any type of open play shot not only helps the player to score, but helps to score goals that are spectacular, few players have achieved it. A wider repertoire of techniques is a feat so exceptional that it has hardly ever been seen in the history of the game.

A player with a complete skill set in this area should have the ability to hit the ball cleanly with different surfaces of the foot and possess a full range of shots at his disposal. However, any shot developed to the top level is a difference-making asset.

Technical objectives in the work on open play shooting are to develop a clean connection with the ball in order to maximise the power of the strike and, depending on the technique:

  • to reduce the spin rate which can result in an unstable flight of the ball (as with the
    knuckleball free kick);
  • to apply topspin to make the ball come down.